Welcome To NowFitness

We're here to teach you how to improve your overall fitness and reach your fitness goals.
All ability levels can benefit from the cardio and strength training that NowFitness boot camp offers.Every class is different to prevent boredom and ensure growth. We provide you with an active and challenging alternative to getting FIT in a fun,friendly, and beautiful environment.
Types of Classes Include:
Strength Training
Core Training
Circuit Training
Partner Workouts
Tabatta Style Training
HIIT Training
Hill/Stair Workouts
Jump Rope Workouts
Boxing Workouts
BodyPump & More!
Boot Camp is a Challenging, Dynamic, Exciting, Fun, and Rewarding way to get great results…right NOW!
Not for sure if boot camp is right for you? Join us for a complimentary class!
 Refer a FRIEND and save$10.00 off enrollment fee .
Want Results NOW? Enroll Now! Email Darcy at nowfitness@hotmail.comor call 314-809-4169
Get a sneak peak of what class is like by watching our video! Click HERE 
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